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Portugal’s beauty, authenticity and great diversity are reasons enough to succumb to its charms. It is truly extraordinary how such a small country holds such a varied landscape, history, culture, tradition, architecture and gastronomy. Not to mention, of course, the famous hospitality of its people.
From world-class seafood and sunny Atlantic beaches to vibrant culture, cosmopolitan cities and vineyards aplenty, Portugal is an attractive prospect for tourists and real estate investors alike.
With an average of 300 days of sunshine each year, Portugal is an immensely popular place to live and visit. This, combined with a favourable tax regime and relatively low property prices compared to other European nations.

As a general rule, there are no restrictions in Portugal with respect to foreign investment. Portuguese law follows a principle of non-discrimination based on the investor’s nationality. There are no requirements as to having a Portuguese shareholder and no limitations on the repatriation of profits or dividends.

The rules applicable to foreign investment are similar to those that rule domestic investment. Foreign investment is not, as a general rule, subject to any special registration or notification to any authority (without prejudice of mandatory registration obligations or compliance with regulatory obligations in specific activities).


Portugal 2030 puts into practice the Partnership Agreement between Portugal and the European Commission to apply 23 billion euros of European funds in projects that stimulate and develop the Portuguese economy, between 2021 and 2027.

How it applies
The total amount available to finance projects will be distributed through programs, organized by themes and regions.
It is within the scope of each program that support will be created and the conditions to be met by anyone wishing to apply will be defined.

Who can be supported
- Individuals
- Companies
- Municipalities and other public bodies
- Cooperatives, associations, private institutions of social solidarity, and other private entities.
The beneficiaries of the support will be defined in the opening notice of each application.

MORE INFO (in Portuguese):
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Portugal 2030

Financial support July 12, 2023
Valuing the territory, investing in companies, qualifying professionals and designing the interior and its offer are the priorities of the Tourism Agenda for the Interior, which has an endowment of 200 million euros.

Among the main measures are:

// 20 million euros for the Line +Interior, Tourism, Territory which reinforces the tourist attractiveness of the territories, with support of up to 70% of eligible expenditure and non-refundable subsidy, up to a limit of 400 thousand euros per project

// 15 million euros for Microcredit +Interior Tourism aimed at the creation, growth/expansion of businesses for micro and SMEs, includes an interest-free loan, with an associated performance bonus (non-refundable) that can amount to up to 30% of the loan granted

// 35 million euros for the Mutually Guaranteed Credit Line, with greater guarantee for projects in the interior and aimed at creating, growing/expanding businesses and supporting treasury// 50 million euros for the Support Line for the Qualification of the Offer, managed by Turismo de Portugal, in a reinforcement for the interior

// 10 million euros in the Capitalizar Turismo +Crescimento measure, which aims to support, among others, company capitalization operations for expansion projects, internationalization or improvement of competitiveness

// 15 million euros under the Real Estate Investment Fund for the Interior, earmarked for the creation, growth/expansion of businesses, based on real estate assets

// 400,000 euros for the Regressar +Interior Turismo programme, an incentive for the mobility of people to tourist companies in the interior, with applications approved in the "Measure to Support the Return of Emigrants to Portugal" or who benefit from professional internships supported by Turismo de Portugal

// 200,000 euros for Studying Tourism in the Interior, encouraging the mobility of students residing on the coast to the Hotel and Tourism Schools of Turismo de Portugal located inland

// 25% increase in support for Portugal Events to encourage events in the interior.

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